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"Find a nice melody - and your composition, no matter what composition it is, will be wonderful. Melody is the soul of the music, it is the life, the sense and the essence of the composition."   Joseph Haydn

MelodyLab Technology is a totally independent company specializing in writing music for artists, performers, movies, TV shows, and advertising. The main goal of MelodyLab Technology is to create unique, high quality melodies!

We offer original music never used or played before. With specialized technology and a unique sound, these melodies can rival many of the "hits" in the market today. These compositions are tailored to fit many different needs from artists and movies, to advertising and TV shows. Just listen to our hot hits to be convinced.

We are a resource for performers, producers, publishers, managers, agents; anyone in need of unpublished music.

All compositions have been written by MelodyLab Technology artists. We  use the most modern custom music technology "MelodyLab", not available anywhere else.

Before hearing the melodies, please, read the following below:

  • All samples in MIDI format. To get complete picture of these compositions we recommend you to use the high quality soundcard.
  • All of our compositions are one-of a kind, never performed or sold before.
  • If you have any questions about using this melodies please contact us at melodylab@mail.com We'll provide all the information you need and consider all of your suggestions.
City Blues
Crazy Diamond
The Lion Song
She's So Beautiful

Fast Bullet
Lady L.L.
Main Theme

All melodies in one file (46K)

Copyright 1998 by MelodyLab Technology. All rights reserved. These melodies may be copied online but may not be reproduced or used by any means without written permission from MelodyLab Technology Ltd.
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